Platforms and Tribes

It was my first time at a Solace annual conference, and I'll be back again.  It felt like many more people are ready to think about radical public service solutions and deeper civic engagement - there was a sense of real receptivity to what some of the leading authorities are saying and doing. David McNulty, CEO … Continue reading Platforms and Tribes


Patchwork, Culture Change and an elephant

An overdue post on Patchwork.. As we approach the launch of the next phase of Patchwork in Brighton and Hove, I wanted to reflect on how we have reached the more open and creative engagement we are now seeing with teams of professionals across the city. People are starting to really focus on the potential … Continue reading Patchwork, Culture Change and an elephant

Troubled Families, Design & Technology

Despite a good deal of healthy debate about the government's Troubled Families initiative, councils are now busy identifying families, recruiting new staff and beginning to think about their longer term strategies. Many newly appointed local co-ordinators will be looking for ways to instigate whole system change because they see there is real potential to achieve … Continue reading Troubled Families, Design & Technology

Open Space South West helped me understand more

I've been having a think about the talks given at the super Open Space South West conference in Exeter last Friday. Carl Haggerty deserves a big thanks for pulling together a really good set of speakers. It takes time to absorb the messages of the world view outlined so well in Exeter.  As the networked … Continue reading Open Space South West helped me understand more