Disintermediation, Striations and Open Space South West

I’m really looking forward to seeing old and new faces at Open Space South West tomorrow.

It’s been a busy old day, but I did manage to read Catherine Howe’s blog about disintermediation, which is probably an idea that’s up there with Dan Mcquillan’s “striations”. If I understand it right, the former is about cutting out the middle man, and the latter is about how people, organisations and thinking gets stuck in ruts. That’ll do me for now any way.

I’d like to explore these ideas further tomorrow. How do we work with the middle men transparently, knowing they could be in the way of more direct, simple solutions to social issues? And how do we work to design stuff around the citizen or client, when the services with the budgets all have quite separate “reasons for being” like addressing housing issues or offending behaviour or .. whatever.

Digital design work will create more direct transactions between people, cutting out the need for some public sector functions (or radically changing them). And, being citizen centred, it will challenge the configuration of services, creating more holistic services around “cohorts” or types of people, or life stages or something.

That’s all a bit threatening to the status quo. What’s the recipe for these design projects. How are people handling it?

Look forward to it. And sorry about the lack of links. Blogging from a phone ..

And I didn’t put [sic] earlier on but I expect you noticed where it should go.


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