Citycamp2 Brighton – My 20

Following Catherine Howe’s (@curiousc) lead, here are my twenty reflections on the great weekend that was Citycamp2. With respect going out to Dan Slee (@danslee) for the time-saving idea!

  1. Great idea to spread the cash across several projects, and so pleased that Gig Buddies won (@heavy_load) as it shows that technology isn’t always needed
  2. It just proves the point – solving a specific problem as simply as possible works best
  3. Toby Blume (@tobyblume) is an expert at letting people down gently
  4. @jo_ivens is a star for tweeting and pinteresting and creating this Citycampers list
  5. Public-i’s coverage was brilliant, thanks to @andbwell in particular.  Bit tricky to find so here it is
  6. I hope people will come to Third Thursdays at Hove Kitchen 7.30
  7. We need to find out what will make them come.  Challenge setting and producing / hacking stuff?  Perhaps we can have a debate on #ccbtn about this
  8. Which makes me think about digital inclusion .. (congrats @mattday and Laura Williams for winning some support for this)
  9. Didn’t see enough hacking over the weekend
  10. Innovation happens when people come together like this – how do we sit together more and problem solve some of the really big issues, as opposed to only having “strategic” or “accountability” meetings?
  11. I’m massively grateful to Paul Sweeting (@pauladvice) and his family for putting me up on Friday night at short notice .. what a city asset that guy is .. and not just for that reason!
  12. I still find it weird how we get stuck at the ideas stage so often
  13. Of 7 speakers, only 1 was a woman this year.  Let’s find more for next time, and also look for younger / older innovators too.
  14. Which makes me think – could we do something like Interactivism (this one by Futuregov / Google) some time in Brighton?  Check this out for putting young and old people together to make stuff happen!
  15. I think we need to do more linking of projects together earlier if they seem similar.  Perhaps spend some time doing that on Saturday afternoon.
  16. Maybe a Third Thursday can review all the projects and create fewer ones, making them better resourced and pooling energies.
  17. If you do a presentation next year, leave your phone behind as it will bleep alot
  18. If it suits, why not send a project team to Brighton Farm to see what they can do with a little bit of cash.  Mohammed and the mountain ..?
  19. Public service employees need to prioritise events like this, my goodness they do
  20. I feel the digital architecture of the city will be built this way, but we need to step up the pace

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