Localgovcamp Jun 18 2011

Newbie: I was the one who tweeted shortly before 10am – “can someone post a link to the day’s schedule?” …

An inspiring event, my main thought:

We have to take localgovcamp back home.

Gov2.0 enthused council staff are working in two worlds (nods to Carrie Bishop and Catherine Howe).  I believe we should go back to our councils and do more to promote the innovative and creative energy of localgovcamp and similar events.

Don’t worry about your substantive role.  Put some extra hours in, talk to your boss – they’ll get it – just assume they will.

Although it’s early days, I have found that our gov2.0 innovation group at Brighton & Hove is starting to make an impact, creating more enthusiasts who will spread the word and helping demystify what it is and who is “allowed” to get involved.  Inspired by localgovcamp, I am doubly determined to make the first concrete innovation idea happen. It came from an officer in planning who picked up on a Yammer group post on QR codes.  She read it, got it, and now wants to put a QR code link on all planning notices, linking the reader back to further information and the ability to comment. Because this probably involves no capital costs, we must drive it forward.  If our website isn’t yet mobile friendly, we should use wordpress or posterous until it is.   This is experimental.  Let’s not worry too much about using a variety of technologies with projects this size.  If we wait and plan we kill innovation.

The important thing is that the officer experiences a “let’s do it” reaction – and gets fast-tracked through the necessary checks and balances.

So, go back, set up an innovation group, and the first person that has a good idea – get the group to run with it big time.

To get the group started, invite a few key people (e.g. comms, customer services lead, the youth services commissioner, someone from ICT) and let Yammer find the enthusiasts across the business.  It’ll work.


3 thoughts on “Localgovcamp Jun 18 2011

  1. Great work, Paul. Well written and it was really good to see you at localgovcamp. It looks like there are some good things happening in Brighton.

  2. Great post Paul. I personally really believe that it’s the mystification of these media that put people off. My back ground is in fine art and the same process occurs there. Most are either intimidated because they don’t understand how it works or find it all a bit Nathan Barley from the outside and that puts them off. If the simplicity and power of these tools are understood and de-mystified then many, many more would engage.

    I put it on a par with what Tate Modern did for galleries. Take it away from the rarified atmosphere of the few who ‘understand’ and show that its really very simple. It begins and ends with looking. Everything else is affectation.

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